Put your kitchen off cuts and scraps to work with Ladelle’s eco compost bins. Our kitchen compost bins feature a charcoal filter built into the lid to stop smells, and a removable plastic lining that makes it easy to empty and clean your food scraps bin. The handy bench top size makes it easy to collect food waste, and the convenient carry handle allows for easy transport to your outdoor garden or larger compost bin. 

Stylish Steel Compost Bins

Our steel compost bins bring functionality and style to your kitchen benchtop. While they can be an integral part of your cooking routine, they don’t need to clash with your existing kitchen decor. Select from a range of fresh and neutral colours, including sage, stone, white or charcoal to complement your space.

Sustainable Kitchen Solutions

Discover sustainable, Australian-designed kitchenware by Ladelle. Shop our collection of eco-friendly solutions, including eco compost bins, reusable produce bags, food storage containers and more. All of our products are developed to be functional and of the highest quality, without compromising on style. Whether you’re an experienced chef, a home cook, or somewhere in between, Ladelle offers a range of curated products for a sophisticated lifestyle.