Placemats and napkins are a staple when creating a beautiful table setting and a must for all homes. Offering both functional and aesthetic benefits, like keeping wooden tables from absorbing moisture or protecting tablecloths from spills and stains, all whilst adding a sophisticated touch.

Dinner placemats are especially helpful when organising the perfect table seating arrangement, as they help you plan how many guests can sit comfortably at one table. Their designs can range from simple to extravagant, so you can use them to complement your table centerpiece or instead make them the focal point.

A well-chosen placemat can elevate the look of your table setting, no matter how simple your tableware. Ladelle offers a selection of textures and colors.

Make Every Meal Special

Placemats and napkins complete a formal table arrangement, but are just as helpful at home. That’s the beauty of placemats: they make everyday meals feel more extraordinary and make your table more inviting.

If you own tableware with minimal designs, you can bring life to your table setting by using dinner placemats with added detailing. If you are going for a more modern setting you can use placemats accentuated with bold colours.

They will give your table design an extra pop, so you won’t have to buy new tableware every time you want to change things up in your dining room.

Eye-catching placemat sets take the worry out styling the perfect table setting as an elaborate centrepiece is no longer needed!

Pretty and Practical

Strategically-designed placemats are just as beautiful as they are practical and functional. They protect the surface of your dining table – a welcome barrier between sharp knives and a glass tabletop, for example. They help keep your table looking brand-new for as long as possible, prevent mealtime mishaps, and make post-meal cleanup quick and easy.

Placemats, coasters and table linens make every meal special, whether you are by yourself or with company. Find dinner placemats that match your style by checking out our product selection.