Keep your pantry organised and your dry goods fresh with our range of kitchen canisters. Pantry storage canisters are the perfect way to add a pop of colour to your cupboards and ensure that you’ll find the ingredients you need, when you need them. Ladelle offers a wide collection of stylish kitchen canisters, kitchen storage and kitchenware, so you can add the perfect finishing touch to your pantry.

Pantry Storage Containers

There’s no limit to what can be stored in a kitchen canister. Pantry storage containers make a great alternative to storing dry goods in their original packaging. Not only do they look fantastic, but they’re functional, too. Select kitchen containers that best fit your storage space to minimise awkward, ill-fitting store packaging. There’s nothing worse than a half-opened packet of pasta or bag of nuts spilling onto your pantry shelves. Pantry storage containers are designed with secure closures, so there’s no need to worry about food waste.

Coffee, Tea & Sugar Canisters

Keep the essentials close at hand with our kitchen canister sets. Whether you need a coffee canister, tea canister, sugar canister, or all three, we’ve got just the right kitchen container to suit your needs. Mix and match any of our soft, natural colours to complement your kitchen decor. A secure silicone seal means that the contents of your kitchen canister will stay fresher for longer - no more stale coffee beans or sugar spills. Your morning coffee and after-dinner tea just got a whole lot better with our stylish kitchen canisters.