There’s staple dinnerware and serveware and then there’s Ladelle’s beautiful crockery sets that will wow your family and guests at your next dinner party. Dinner plates don’t have to be boring, we know, because ours definitely aren’t! We have curated a fun collection of plate sets we are very proud of that feature floral motifs and bright colours. Dress up your table setting or a party or make a mundane weekly dinner a little more interesting with our patterned terracotta and tiled style plate. Our tableware is available at stockists all over Australia and can be shipped nationwide if you purchase online.


Does Ladelle have Plate sets?

Yes we do. Our Amore Capri assorted crockery sets aren’t your usual matching sets. The pattern on each plate is unique but shares the same colour and motif theme. Featuring blue, white and orange floral tile shapes, these bright and colourful plates will lift any dinner table setting. Our Revive, Grown and Tierra plates are parts of a bigger plate set and feature gorgeous decorative floral print in varying different colours. No matter your taste, our plate sets will breathe new life into your dining experience and will be the dinnerware you’ve been dreaming of.