The items you use to serve your guests are almost as important as what you serve them to eat and drink. Presentation is key when it comes to entertaining, and Ladelle has the serveware sets, platters, bowls, plates, jugs, elevated serveware and serving utensils to make your next dinner party one to remember.

What types of serveware can you buy at Ladelle?

Our servingware range is extensive, made from top quality materials and are uniquely designed. If you’re a true entertainer then you’ll be excited to browse our selection of serving sticks, multiple tier serving towers, large platters, and classic cheese knives. For something a little different, keep your eye out for the spiral serving plate, metallic and wooden salad servers and our patterned ‘Tierra’ matching tableware and serveware sets. 

What is elevated serveware?

Elevated serveware is a fantastic alternative to using multiple platters or traditional dinnerware, especially if your surface or table area is limited. Making use of vertical space means you can maximise the amount of food you can serve. Our super popular elevated serve and share serveware towers come in wood and ceramic styles, making for a sturdy option for your charcuterie board or platter of nibbles.