When we say ‘all kitchenware’, we mean it. For kitchen accessories, utensils and tools that will add a touch of personality and boost functionality in your baking and cooking life, Ladelle is the kitchenware store for you. Stylish storage containers, funky oven mitts, spoon rests, luxe aprons and gold measuring cups - you name it, we have it. At Ladelle, we also have a strong focus on being friendly to the earth. You can purchase our eco friendly kitchenware online, including cloth produce bags, multi use zip lock storage bags and reusable stretchy bowl covers.

Cooking & Prep

When you’re cooking a meal for your loved ones, it's always helpful to have the bulk of the hard work sorted beforehand. Our range of cookware and food prepping items like the multi purpose microwavable bowls, different sized cooking dishes, spoon rests will be of great assistance. 


If you haven’t invested in a decent ceramic baking dish, then can you really call yourself a great home cook? We have a beautiful range of artisan baking dishes in different shapes and sizes that not are not only oven safe, but will look every bit the part as a beautiful centerpiece dish to serve from on your table.

Kitchen Utensils & Tools

Do you fancy yourself as a glamorous baker? Maybe you’re looking for kitchenware in Sydney? Then you absolutely need to purchase our gold cup and spoon measurement sets. Stylish and functional, these items will add a little bit of sparkle to your kitchenware, every day. 

Kitchen Storage

Store everything from your compostable food scraps to the leftovers for tomorrow's lunch with our range of handy kitchen storage accessories. Microwavable food bowls with matching lids that are far from the stock standard boring colours, beautifully crafted artisan butter dishes and plenty of different canisters in an array of designs, shapes and sizes. 

Kitchen Textiles

If you’re looking for beautiful soft textiles and kitchenware online, look no further than Ladelle. Who said protective kitchen accessories couldn't be stylish and functional at the same time? Our aprons, pot holders and oven mitts come in lots of different colours and patterns, and some even match! Our signature tea towels are a must