When you shop with Ladelle for all your dinnerware, you’ll have so many things to choose from. We have a beautiful selection of bowls, plates, cups, glasses and more. Don’t just make your food memorable: when you serve your guests delicious things in a Ladelle bowl, the tableware will be something they remember too. At Ladelle, we understand that not only do you need durability and function from your bowls, but you also want them to suit homewares that you may already have. So, no matter how many people you’re entertaining or whether it's a sit down dinner or a nibbles and champagne arrangement, we have just the right bowl for the occasion.


A stylish bowl for every occasion 

When it comes to bowls for any purpose, we have you covered at Ladelle. Find food prep bowls, salad bowls, soup bowls, chip and dip bowls, large and small bowl sets, microwavable bowls with protective lids, and serving bowls that come with a wooden platter: you name it; we have it!

Our beautiful Revive, Tierra and Repose collections feature varying floral motifs in bright colours and more muted neutral tones. We have expertly designed our dinnerware with practicality and aesthetics in mind. If it’s more of a mix and match situation at home for you, have a look at our Artisan range. Our grey bowls have a vintage feel with a speckled texture through the bowls. Our Homestead range comes in plain charcoal, white or sage green and can be used in conjunction with something patterned. If you’re looking for a set of salad bowls with a difference, the Linear collection features a ribbed outer and comes in moody charcoal and crispy white. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something to pass around at a party, then our 2, 3, 4 and 6 piece serving platter/bowl combinations come in many different colours, patterns and styles, and will be just what you require.

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