Whether you’re storing leftovers from dinner, or preparing your lunches for the week ahead, Ladelle has a food storage solution for you. Shop for microwave food bowls, reusable zip lock bags, bowl covers and more from our extensive range of Australian-designed, sustainable kitchen storage options. 

Smart Kitchen Storage Solutions

The right food storage container can help you keep on top of your fridge or pantry organisation and ensure that your food stays fresher for longer. Show off with our fun and bright microwave food bowls, available in assorted colours and designs so you can let your individual style shine through. Grab a set of matching bowl covers, designed to stretch over bowls and plates so you can cover your food and go. Simplify your life - and your home - with Ladelle’s eco-friendly kitchenware.

Reusable Zip Lock Bags

Long gone are the days of flimsy, single-use zip lock bags. Store sandwiches, snacks and more in our eco Store It reusable zip lock bags. Available in assorted colours and sizes, our reusable zip lock bags are dishwasher safe, easy to clean and are made from high-quality silicone so you can reuse them over and over. There’s no need to limit your reusable zip lock bags to the kitchen, either - they make a handy companion for your travel essentials thanks to their air tight seal.