Assembling your Bradley Display Gold Bar Cart is easy! Follow our assembly instructions in the video above and you will have your bar cart ready to go in no time.


In the box:
  • 2 x Mirrored Shelves
  • 1 x Side Panel with Handle
  • 1 x Standard Side Panel
  • 2 x Brake Wheels
  • 2 x Standard Wheels
  • 1 x Wrench
  • 8 x Cap Nuts
Step 1

Attach the Brake Wheels to the Side Panel with Handle.

Step 2

Attach the Standard Wheels to the Standard Side Panel.

Step 3

Align the Mirrored Shelf to the bottom of the Side Panel.

Step 4

Secure with 2 Cap Nuts and tighten with the Wrench.


Fully tighten Cap Nuts to ensure stand is secure and stable.

Step 5

Repeat on the other side.

Step 6

Turn the right way up and place the remaining Mirrored Shelf on top. *Ensure the brakes are activated.

Step 7

Secure with 4 Cap Nuts and tighten with the Wrench.