Quinn Glassware


Selecting the right glassware is so important for getting the most out of your chosen beverage. There are many factors that contribute to the way you experience different drinks, such as the shape of the bowl or rim, the length of the stem, as well as the size of the glass itself.

This is why we have created this handy guide as a foolproof way of selecting the perfect glass every time.


Red Wine Glass

Made with a long stem and large bowl, these glasses have been designed to bring elegance to any occasion. Their widened bowl shape allows your wine to come into contact with more air, helping to develop a deeply rich flavour and increase its natural aromas.

White Wine Glass

The perfect White Wine glass features a full-length stem and smaller bowl, helping to preserve the white wine’s typical fresh and zesty aromas. The smaller bowl shape allows you to bring your nose closer to the surface of the wine so you can better experience its aromatic qualities. Grasping the glass at the stem will help to keep your wine at optimal temperature for maximum enjoyment.

Coupe Glass

Originating from the mid 17th century, the coupe glass was initially used to serve champagne. In a time where extravagance was everything, the coupe glass was the perfect vessel for creating an impressive champagne tower. In more recent times, they are used for serving an array of cocktails from Martinis to Manhattans.

Gin Glass

Enhance the flavours of your drink with these wide bowl gin glass. This unique shape helps to strengthen the botanical scents of your gin, allowing you to maximise the flavour in each sip. The glass is wide enough to fit plenty of ice as well as various garnishes, ensuring you create the perfect cocktail every time!

Martini Glass

Featuring the classic Martini silhouette, this glass is perfect for those who are partial to a cocktail or two! The steeply sloping sides allow for greater air exposure, helping your chosen spirit to open up and develop a deeper flavour. The widened rim allows you to get creative with your garnishes.

Whisky Glass

Shaped to enhance your whisky drinking experience, these glasses are made to perfectly balance the spirit’s flavours and smells. The thick base is designed to maintain the temperature of the drink, so you can enjoy your favourite drop for hours on end without compromising its quality and taste.

Beer Glass

Perfect for when you’re entertaining friends or just having a quiet night at home. The tapered shape enables beer bubbles to rise to the top of the glass, while the wide mouth works to capture a beer's foamy head for an aromatic experience.

Highball Glass

These are the perfect multiple-purpose glasses, ideal for any occasion. Enjoy a lemon water on a hot summer’s day, or a pomegranate mojito to celebrate the weekend. These glasses will add a sparkle of pleasure to any occasion, be it special celebrations or simply every day.

Glass Tumbler

Whether it's water, wine or a margarita, these versatile flat-bottomed glasses beautifully display just about any drink that comes from your fridge. From a casual dinner to a cocktail party, these glasses are sure to impress.

Shot Glass

Take the party up a notch or top your meal off with a perfectly paired Digestif, presented in these ideally sized Shot Glasses. With their timeless and classic shape, these glasses will allow you to serve a wide range of spirits or get creative with a mixed drink shot!